“Dance with me” – Original Song

Hey lovelies, hope you are ready for another fun, animal song. I’ve been on holidays together with my husband, and somehow we both were in songwriting mood. As you probably know, we’ve been writing “Executive Realness Monkey Business” together and our recent collab includes animals as well. But there’s a bit more to the story of the song.

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Meeting online friends

I think I’ve written about it before, that I can be a little awkward when it comes to social interaction. I’m not really good at small talk (or very much interested in it) but I’m also not a person that opens up right away with everyone. So somehow there’s always this huge gap between small talk and telling private things where I have just no idea what to talk about with people that I don’t know very well yet.

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And the winners are…

(sponsored by Sibilele, Werbung)

Sorry, I’m totally late with this post, but as you know I’ve teamed up with Sibilele for a giveaway. You had the chance to win one of these super cute ukulele accessories. They are all handmade by Sibil in Switzerland and each and every one of them is unique. I’ve met Sibil at several ukulele festivals and she is such a loving woman. If you buy one of her accessories she will donate one Euro to the Shropshire Foundation that organises music lessons for refugees.

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