Open-Mic Part 1 – A love story

After attending quite some festivals it is clear for me, that open-mics are one of my favorite, if not the favorite part of festivals. And here’s why:

The People

Open-mics are a community-affair. It’s usually the people you’ve know for years, either in person or online that hit the stage. There’s lots of love from the audience for everyone brave enough to actually do it. This mix of friends, artists and listeners is a melting pot of conversions going to happen.

The Songs

From new interpretations of evergreens to songs you’ve never heard before and can’t get out of your head for the next days (or weeks) – open-mics got it all. You might not always recognize the song being played but that’s part of the reason why I love it so much. And the participants often venture into songs that not even the seasoned artists on main stage interpret.

The Craziness

Weird outfits, out of tune ukes and singers, people who have no idea how their pick-up works and fancy ukulele embellishments – whatever happens, happens. And the worst that comes out of this craziness, is a good story people will tell each other for the years to come.

The Diversity and Inclusion

And all of this craziness is really just a manifestation of something inherently to the ukulele-community – diversity and inclusion. There is room for everything and everyone. Come as you are. And that’s what makes open-mics so special to me.

xoxo Nikky

PS: This is gonna be a four part series on Open-Mics – stay tuned for the do’s and don’ts at open-mics for organizers, participants and the audience.

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