“Ballad of the Lost” – Original Song

This is a song, that probably a lot of you can relate to. Well, at least if you’ve ever been doing your own laundry. “Ballad of the Lost” is about a sock that gets lost, presumably in the tumble dryer. I know it happens to me all the time and I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. But there’s a very special sock, that inspired this song.

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“Monkey, Monkey, Elephant” – Original Song

Does your mind sometimes wander off and you can’t concentrate on your current task? Do you start with writing an important report and you end up thinking about monkey, monkey, elephant? Well, it does sometimes happen to me and there is this crazy scene from Gilmore Girls that inspired me for this song:

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“Fighting the Fraud Police” – Original Song

I introduced you to the fraud police in my blog post about my ukulele retreat last September. And back then I made a note, that “Fighting the Fraud Police” might be a good song inspiration and it was. I’ve had parts of the chorus for months now, and after my songwriting retreat this January I was so inspired when I came home, that I sat down and finally wrote the whole song.

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