Open-Mic Part 3 – Do’s and Don’ts for participants

In Part 1 of this series, I told you why I love Open-Mics so much. Part 2 gave some do’s and don’ts for those who organize open-mics. This part is about those who want to perform.


+ Practice the song(s) you want to play.

+ Bring a song sheet if you need to.

+ Have everything ready to hit the stage at any time. That means your uke is unpacked, tuned and you got everything else you need at hand.

Time Management and Fairness

+ Be at the venue at the given time and make sure to tell the organizers that you’re there.

– Don’t be a “no show” without telling the organizers if you signed up before the event.

+ Stick to your allotted time or the amount of songs you’ve been given.

– Don’t start to bargain about another song on stage if it wasn’t agreed upon. It’s really not fair for everyone else still waiting.

– Not everyone can be “the headliner” of the open-mic. So please just fill in the open slots from the beginning and don’t just start at the end of the list.

– Don’t just come for your performance and leave right after. Pay respect to everyone else who performs alongside with you and listen to them as well and cheer them on. After all, that’s probably what you’d expect from everyone else.


+ Have fun.

+ Have fun.

+ If you have it in you make some eye contact.

+ But mainly just have fun.

+ Some words for the audience would be nice too.

+ But really, just have fun.


+ And don’t forget to hand your smartphone to a trusted person in the audience or set up a tripod BEFORE your set, so you have video evidence for social media.

xoxo Nikky

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