Open-Mic Part 4 – Do’s and Don’ts for the audience

In Part 1 of this series, I told you why I love Open-Mics so much. Part 2 and Part 3 gave some do’s and don’ts for those who organize open-mics and those who perform. In this final part I prepared some do’s and don’ts for the audience.

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UFO – Ukulele Festival Obermörmoosen 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve been playing at a festival – so when Elisabeth Pfeiffer asked me to perform at this years UFO Festival, I gladly said yes. And man am I happy that I said yes, because I had the best time and it went sooo much better than could’ve hoped for. I will probably post some videos from my performance soon, but first I want to talk about the festival and my experience.

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Austrian Ukulele Festival 2022

Austrian Ukulele Festival was my 2nd festival this year and one that I just love coming back to for several reasons. Back in 2017 the first edition was also my very first ukulele festival that I attended and it definitely sparked the ukulele craziness in me. But every year that I attended so far (I only missed 2021) was just a big party that filled me with joy for weeks. And then of course the festival is located in the beautiful city of Graz.

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Berliner Ukulele Festival 2022

It’s been way too long, but Ukulele Festivals are finally back and I am starting the season off with “Berliner Ukulele Festival“. This festival usually took place on the last weekend of October. So having a summer edition sounded intriguing. They also announced that it would take place at the outdoor stage at UFA Fabrik – even more exciting. Look at this amazing venue:

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A new direction – “A neiche Richtung”

It’s been a while, since I updated you all on what’s going on. Last October I started a new job, well, actually I got promoted within my company (yeah me) so it took some time to get into the new groove. But I also took the last couple of months to figure out what direction I want to go with Nikky and the Ukulele.

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Sängerschmiede Part 10 – Video Premiere

Okay, so here’s the grand finale that everyone was waiting for. I don’t even want to say anything more, here’s the music video for my final song for singing class “Sängerschmiede”. Thanks for following my journey (so far) and I hope you enjoy it:

xoxo Nikky

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