Posting something polished vs. my journey

Social media seems to be the place where everyone is perfect and has this perfect life. Everything is polished, nothing weird or wrong to find there. At least that’s the perception I often get. For me, social media and especially Instagram hast always been a place to share my journey rather than just a polishedContinue reading “Posting something polished vs. my journey”

The Road to Oslo – Part 1 How did I get myself into that?

As you’ve probably seen on Instagram or Facebook by now – I’ll be playing at Oslo Ukulele Festival. This is really exciting, and also frightening news for me. Therefore I want you lovelies to be part of my journey to Oslo with a series of blog posts.

Useful Apps and Websites for my Ukulele Journey

Since you lovelies see me posting a lot of pictures with some kind of devices around (smartphone, laptop, tablet) I get asked a lot, what kind of apps and websites I use which are supporting me in my ukulele journey. So I want to share some of my favorite little helpers with you.