“Executive Realness Monkey Business” – Original Song

This song is a collaboration with hubby. On our 12th anniversary on March 1st hubby came up with the line “executive realness monkey business” and with the lines to the first verse.

I quickly tried to figure out some matching chords to his lyrics and melody and recorded it on my phone. We then proceeded to write the rest of the song together. This was a really nice experience, because so far I’ve only been writing alone – but collaborating with hubby was just great. We had both amazing ideas and the song came together real quick.

The title is in parts inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race – where “Executive Realness” is a common category. As for the “Monkey Business” by now you all probably noticed that there’s a recurring theme happening with the monkeys. I already have an album idea with just monkey songs 😉

Oh and it was hubby’s idea to do the “Bananana” lines (I just wanted to do “nanananana”).

Here’s a first draft of the song. Hope you enjoy.

xoxo Nikky

As usual, if you’re interested in the lyrics and chords, you can download them here.

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