“There were no lights to tell us where to go” – Original Song

As you all know, I’m a huge Amanda Palmer fan. Last weekend she started a songwriting contest and of course, I had to enter it. There’s also a back story as to why she started the contest:

There was a major blackout in Manhattan on July 13th and the NY Times wrote an article about it. Now that’s not really unusual, but Amanda read the article and it inspired her. It inspired her so much, that she thought it should be tranformed into a song. However, she seems to really busy right now, so she wrote about it on her Patreon and challenged her fans, to write a song about it. And since she is that kind of nice person, she made a real contest out of it and the winner gets:

“a case of beer. and $1,000 cash. and a $200 voucher to my merch store and, fuck it, i’ll cover the song. if it’s good enough (and it better be) i’ll release it as an Official Thing.”

Every now and then there’s a chance in life, that you just can’t miss out on, and I feel like this is one of them. I am aware, that hundreds of people will probably enter, and I am also aware that many or maybe even most of them will be better songwriters than I am. But the chance that Amanda Fucking Palmer will actually listen to one of my original songs is just so mindblowing, that I started to write a song.

So here’s the very rough first draft of the song that I entered in the Amanda Palmer songwriting contest. It is called “There were no lights to tell us where to go”:

xoxo Nikky

Ps: As usual, you can download the lyrics and chords here.

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