Everyone in the German and many in the international ukulele scene know UkeFrank by now. He is a welcomed guest at many ukulele festivals and a regular at Open Mics. I’ve know him through Facebook for a while now and at Austrian Ukulele Festival in May we finally met in person.

Frank is a very candid guy and fun to be around – so no surprise that we hit it off. I was particularly impressed with his Open Mic performance of “Ever Fallen in Love with Someone”. I absolutely love this song but not too many people seem to know it. And that’s something Frank and I have in common – we are always looking for unusual songs to perform.

We met again in Berlin where we finally had some more time to get to know each other a bit better. That’s also when we decided that we should do a collab video – even though we had no plan on what song we could actually do.

Now before I get into more detail – here are links to Franks social media channels. Go check him out and give him some likes and follows.

So after the festival in Berlin we started to think about our possible collaboration video. Of course a duet would be great, but then again, we are both not the type for “Endless Love” and all the other schmalz songs. So after some thought Frank had the best idea and said: “What about DÖF?”.

Now to most of you that probably sounds weird – like what is that even supposed to mean? Well DÖF means “Deutsch-Österreichisches Feingefühl” (German-Austrian sensitivity) and was a “Neue Deutsche Welle” (new german wave) band in the 1980s. They consisted of band members from Germany and Austria (duh) and since Frank is German and I am Austrian we thought that would be hilarous and we settled on the song “Codo”.

Now before you click play there’s something you need to know: This song is weird. It’s about the alien “Codo” who is bringing love to our planet which is full of hate. Now the message is not weird, but the song is. But check it out yourself:

Thanks Frank for this fun collab – I already have some ideas for our next one and I’m looking forward to see you again.

xoxo Nikky

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