The broken Ukulele

A couple of months ago I found Planet Prudence on Instagram. She’s an amazing artist and her work captures so much of who I am, that I wanted so support her. Luckily she is on Patreon and I was lucky enough to snatch one of her tiers, where she’s doing a monthly comic with her supporter in it.

Since I am so in love with our collaborations I wanted to share them with all of you.

Here’s the first one she did:


And here’s the back story:

In June I was in Paris on a business trip. I brought my Kala travel uke (that I just bought a couple of weeks prior) cause I wanted to take pretty pictures for my Instagram and maybe play a little in my spare time. Since it was my first time in Paris I wanted to see as much as possible in the little time I had. Started out with Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe (some of the pictures you might have seen on my Instagram already) and then went up to Sacre Coeur and Montmartre.

On my way down I found these lovely stairs and wanted to take some pictures. All of a sudden a little blast of air came and my ukulele started to fall down three flights of stairs. It felt like my heart stopped for a  minute but I immediately started running after my precious uke, being sure that I would only be able to gather some broken pieces of wood.

I was really lucky though, the strings were completely busted (so much for playing during my free time) and the uke had some dents and scratches on the neck, but other than it was fine. It’s still one of my favorite ukuleles to play (maybe even more now) and I am very glad that it turned out that way.

So this is the story that I told Prudence and I love how she turned it into that comic (noticed the band aid on the body?).

xoxo Nikky

Ps: Here’s the picture that I took seconds before the accident:


3 thoughts on “The broken Ukulele

  1. Hi Nikky, welcome to the Warrnambool Ukulele Group site (WUG). We are a group of about 35 members and as you have probably seen on the blog we meet Monday nights at a venue in which we have a room for our group. We commence about 7pm thru to 8.30pm. We have a members song book with approx 70 songs and are at present compiling a new song book. On the first Monday of the month we have open mic. in which members present a song or two even maybe 3; to the group. We perform playouts at nursing homes, in the cbd of Warrnambool, at Probus, the Koroit Folk Festival, Port Fairy Moyneyana festival and this month at the Warrnambool Agricultural Show. So you see are reasonably active. Well I have read you blog and found it very interesting. Hope you keep on enjoying the uke.
    Happy Ukuleleing, Graeme.

    1. Thanks, I am very sure that I keep enjoying it. It’s really nice to connect with so many ukulele lovers through blogs and social media <3

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