Ukulele Intro – Funolele II

My very first ukulele was a Tiger UKE 7 in purple. I called her Funolele because it gave my lots of joy and I use it mainly to play fun songs with. A couple of months ago Tiger Music approached me and sent me two ukuleles as review samples and giveaways. I was really excited becauseContinue reading “Ukulele Intro – Funolele II”

Ukulele Intro – Tiger Soprano UKE 14

Tiger Music sent me two ukuleles as review samples and giveaway items. As some of you may know, my very first ukulele is from Tiger and I still like it very much. So I was interested to see how their products compare now a couple of years later and how their solid wood ukulele plays.Continue reading “Ukulele Intro – Tiger Soprano UKE 14”

Amanda Palmer live

As most of you know I am a huge Amanda Palmer fan. On September 14th she finally came to Vienna again for her current “There will be no intermission” tour. I don’t want to do a full review of her show – or better shows. But since it was a very emotional ride for me,Continue reading “Amanda Palmer live”

Giveaway: Hricane Concert Ukulele

It’s giveaway time! (sponsored by Hricane Ukulele, Werbung) The ukulele community is such a loving and supporting place for me, and I want to give back some of the love that I’ve received from each and every one of you. So I’ve teamed up with Hricane Ukulele for an amazing giveaway. You have the chanceContinue reading “Giveaway: Hricane Concert Ukulele”

Ukulele Intro – Hricane Concert

Hricane Ukulele sent me a second ukulele as a review sample. I’ve seen quite some folks playing their ukes at several festivals in the last year, so I was really interested to see how they feel and sound. Either way, I’ve got way too many ukuleles around, so there is a giveaway coming up withContinue reading “Ukulele Intro – Hricane Concert”