“You gave me a voice” – Original Song

Here’s another one of my original songs. It’s called “You gave me a voice” and it raised one particular questions that I will try to answer today.

So, who gave me that voice? Hubby was the first one to ask this and tbh it’s not that easy to answer. When I started to write this song the idea was to call it “Uke gave me a voice” – so what I really wanted to do, was write a song about/for my ukulele. But during writing it, it somehow turned into something else and I realised, that it’s not just my ukulele that gave me that voice. It was so much more. It was the people wo support me in my journey, my instagram, strong women who make themselves heard, but most of all, it was myself. And that’s how this song came together and felt right in the end. There might still be a love song for my uke coming in the future though 😉

Here’s a first draft of  the song. As you know I keep on working on all my songs, so there might be update in the future ;).

xoxo Nikky


If you’re interested in the lyrics and chords, you can download them here.



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