Ukulele Intro – Funolele

I thought it would be nice to officially introduce you to my ukulele collection and I want to start with my very first one…

Her* name is “Funolele” and it’s a Tiger UKE7-PP that I bought on Amazon in 2015 for about €30,-. I totally fell for the “ukuleles are cheap” and “fun” myth plus I just really wanted a colorful uke. So I bought this beauty and as you’ve maybe read here this poor ukulele was collecting dust for 1,5 years before I first started to actually play…

Soon after I started to play I invested in a higher end ukulele, but to be fair, for what it cost and the materials it’s made of, the sound is actually quite alright. I don’t play her that often anymore, but since it’s my Funolele, I like to get her out to play fun songs (like Baby Shark)

Here’s some pretty pictures of Funolele:

xoxo Nikky

* If you’re wondering why my ukuleles are all female, there’s a very simple explanation. In German all nouns are gendered and Ukulele is a feminine word 😉

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