Elton John, Madonna, Nikky

Here’s a little story about how Elton John and Madonna helped me to accept myself…

Well, not myself, but a little something about me, that I have in common with both of them. I can already hear you think “What could Nikky have in common with Elton John and Madonna?”

It’s clearly not their talent, not even their fashion style – it’s actually that little gap between our front teeth. I’ve always had mine and when I was a kid dentists would say that it’ll go away when my wisdom teeth come out – spoiler alert: it didn’t. Anyway, as a kid I always thought it was weird, cause no one else had it. One day when I was about 5 or 6 years old, I saw the music video to “Nikita” by Elton John and noticed that he had a tooth gap as well.

Little me thought “well, if someone that famous, who is on TV has it, it’s probably ok” – but of course Elton John is a man, so I wasn’t quite sure if that applied to women as well (cause unfortunately this was/is the world we are living in). However, a couple of years later I noticed that Madonna also has a tooth gap. Now if Madonna, who is even more famous than Elton John and a woman has it, it surely must be ok.

This is how Elton John and Madonna helped me accept my little “flaw”. I still don’t like to smile with my mouth open, cause I usually think it looks weird. But I’m no longer hinding it in everyday life.

Any celebrities you share odd features with?

xoxo Nikky

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