This week I had a very special guest. Marc Gallagher visited me at home and we recorded some songs together.

I first encountered Marc via Instagram. He is an outstanding musician and we started following each other. A couple of weeks before the Vienna Ukulele Night he asked me if I would be there as well. He flew all the way from England to attend and give a workshop (that I missed, unfortunately). It was really nice meeting him in person – he is one of the sweetest guys and it’s really fun to hang out with him.

We met again at Berlin Ukulele Festival and soon afterwards Marc decided to spend some time in Germany in 2019 to get some new impressions, write songs for a new album, play gigs and give workshops to make people aware of him and his music.

This week he is visiting old and new friends in Vienna, and I was really happy when he asked to do a little collaboration while he’s here.

As you all know, I’m not know for playing well with others, but I have a feeling that this is changing. I had such a great time playing with Marc and we were able to record two songs together. I was a little worried before, cause didn’t have a lot of time to practice the songs we agreed on beforehand. Plus, he’s just a wayyy better ukulele player (and singer) than I am, so that was intimidating. He was super sweet about it though and it worked out fine, with me sticking to what I know (mainly simple chords) and him adding all the fancy playing 🙂

Here are some pictures from our afternoon together:


You can find Marc here if you’re interested in his music:

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Here is the first song we did together “Makin’ Whoopee”. I’ve always wanted someone to play this song with me, really happy that it worked out with Marc:


And here’s the second song we did: “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” by Elton John

xoxo Nikky

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