“Intervall” – Original Song

So, this is the first song I ever wrote in German. As you maybe read in my post about the songwriting retreat where I wrote the song, I am not very happy with it.

I guess it’s an ok song, but it feels very cliché to me, and that’s just something I really don’t want to be, hear or write about. The inspiration for the song came from a word hubby came up with a couple of years ago (don’t want to tell cause he might want to use it for something else in the future) that implies that we as humans are very much influenced by the intervals that shape our every day lives. This could be standing and waiting at a traffic light, the bus that only comes every 10 minutes, that a school class lasts 50 minutes etc. etc.

I’ve always found the idea very intriguing, and making a song out of it seemed like a great idea. It just turned into something completely else, that, I guess, wanted to come out, but was not the intention.

So, yeah, the song is ok, but probably nothing I’m gonna play a lot.

Here’s a first draft of the song:

xoxo Nikky

If you’re interested in the lyrics and chords, you can download them here.

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