“Ballad of the Lost” – Original Song

This is a song, that probably a lot of you can relate to. Well, at least if you’ve ever been doing your own laundry. “Ballad of the Lost” is about a sock that gets lost, presumably in the tumble dryer. I know it happens to me all the time and I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. But there’s a very special sock, that inspired this song.

There’s something about me you need to know first: I love pajamas. I really do. I could live in them. During our honeymoon in Hawaii in 2013 I bought two pajama sets from David&Goliath. I wore them almost every day for years, until about 2,5 years ago they were so worn down, that I had to get new ones. Back then, David&Goliath was still selling pajama pants as well (and not just T-shirts) and they also had cute socks.

I fell in love with a pair of socks with sloths on them and of course, bought them. I also love cute socks – just like my pajamas, I only wear them at home, but I still love them. So the sloths socks quickly became my favorite. In spring 2018, after doing laundry, one of the sloth socks was one. It was not in the washer and it was not in the dryer – it was lost. Just like many other socks before (and probably some after). It always hurts when one sock is lost – I mean, where do they go? don’t they like living with me? are they forming a union somewhere? No one really know what happens with these lost socks and now my sloth sock was one of them.

Hoping, that maybe one day the lost sloth sock will reappear (or I could use it in some crafts project), I kept the other one. For about half a year it was in my sock drawer. All alone. With its partner lost. Can you imagine how sad that must be?

But then, one chilly fall day, I was grabbing my owl scarf (yes, I do own a scarf with owls on it, and yes, I do wear it outside) and while wrapping it around my neck, the lost sloth sock fell out.

Turns out, it wasn’t lost in the first place, just hanging out with the funny owls on my scarf. I’m sure you can imagine how happy I was, that I had it back. This was also the moment when I first thought about writing a song about it.

So here’s a first draft of the song, hope you enjoy it:

If you’re interested in the lyrics and chords, you can download them here.

xoxo Nikky

PS: I’m still wondering if maybe all the other lost socks, are really not lost, just misplaced…

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