Travelling with Uke – Part 3 Other

As most of you have probably seen by now – I love bringing a ukulele with me on my trips (both private and business trips). Part 3 of the series covers all other modes of transport:


Let me start by saying that I love to travel by train. You have a nice view, you can walk around if you want to and it’s super eco-friendly. However it can be quite expensive and there’s always this issue with the last mile. So I don’t travel as much by train as I’d like.


However, one trip I do take by train is to the Austrian Ukulele Festival in Graz. It’s about a 2,5 hour train ride through some really nice Austrian landscape. Not sure why, but so far I haven’t taken a lot of pictures while in Graz – might have to change that this year.

Public Transport

I’ve always loved public transport – especially here in Vienna. It’s so convenient, brings you anywhere in the city in short intervals and is overall just great. Ever since I started working in public transport, my love for it got even bigger. So of course, uke and I usually take public transport when we get around Vienna. Our favorite transport mode is the tramway – I have a thing for rails with views (I should probably write a song about this). But of course if necessary we also ride the metro and busses 😉

xoxo Nikky

PS: Blog post will be updated regularly – so come back to see more travel pictures and stories 🙂

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