Unwanted Advances

I’m sure a lot of ladies who are active on social media can relate to the comic the lovely Planet Prudence did after I told her a little story from my social media life…

It seems to be a recurring thing, that ladies on social media get random DMs from guys just saying things like “Hi”, “Hi gorgeous”, “You are beautiful”,….

And everytime I get one of those I wonder: What is the point of it? Like what do guys expect when they message something like that. It doesn’t even have a question of anything interesting in it. It’s just “Hi”. How do you even respond to that? With “Hi”? and then what?

Seriously guys, this is just weird. It doesn’t make any sense. If you’re interested in someone at least make an effort and ask something or write something interesting, but just writing “Hi” is not gonna get a response from me (and I know most ladies handle it that way).

I’m not stupid, so I can totally imagine what the goal behind these messages is. But do you really expect to get a nude or anything else out of being a creepy perv on social media?

I’m really happy that Prudence was able to capture all of that in one of her comics. If you love Prudence work as much as I do, you can support her on Patreon.

xoxo Nikky

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