“6 Million Minutes” – Original Song

On March 1st hubby and I had our 12 year annniversary. I can’t even imagine that it’s been twelve years since our first date. But I thought there must be a song in this – and turns out, there is…

I started out with the 12 years and thought that it might be nice, to see how many minutes, and days and months that would be. I was a bit shocked when I saw the exact numbers:

12 years

144 months
625.71429 weeks
4380 days
105120 hours
6307200 minutes
378432000 seconds

It was clear right away, that seconds, minutes and hours was probably not gonna be in the game for this song. So I tried the first chorus with months – which worked fine and continued with weeks – worked fine too. Since hubby is always worried, that my songs are wayyyyy to long, I wanted to make sure, that this one was a bit shorter than my usual 5 minute songs. So I decided to just finish with the more than 6 million minutes, instead of going through all possible time measurements.

On our anniversary I played the song for the first time for hubby. I think he liked it, but suggested to turn it into a rock song – so thats my next challenge.

But here’s the very first draft of the song:

xoxo Nikky

Ps: As usual, if you’re interested in the lyrics and chords you can download them here.

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