“Why Would you compare that?” – Original Song

A little warning ahead – this song might not be for the easily offended or the faint-hearted. So proceed with caution.

“Why would you compare that?” started out as an homage to “Anything you can do I can do better”. Hubby and I knew the song from that one episode of “The Nanny” where they sing the song with some hand puppets. I don’t know why, but we both loved watching this show when we were younger (and didn’t even know each other yet) and this song stuck with both of us and regularly comes up.

So we both loved the song and somehow we started to write a song with a similar melody. We never finished it and during our big song writing session a couple of weeks ago it came up again. We weren’t so sure about the melody anymore so hubby got out his Kalimba and we tried to find a new melody.

With the new melody we wanted to finish the song – and since we are a bit weird sometimes and have no fear of being macabre – this is the song that came out. Again a little warning, if you’re easily offended, just don’t listen to it. It’s meant to be fun but I am aware that it could be borderline offensive.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

xoxo Nikky

As usual, you can download the lyrics and chords here.

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