Posting something polished vs. my journey

Social media seems to be the place where everyone is perfect and has this perfect life. Everything is polished, nothing weird or wrong to find there. At least that’s the perception I often get. For me, social media and especially Instagram hast always been a place to share my journey rather than just a polished final product.

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Planning my Instagram

I got lots of feedback in the last couple of months about me being so consistent in posting on Instagram everyday and with a new video every other day. Even though that is changing now a bit, I think my approach is still interesting to some of you.

To be able to make a good post everyday, you need to know in advance what you’re going to post, so you can prepare your pictures and videos, think about themes and get enough variation. Since some of you were interested, here’s how I do it (or did it).

Warning: If you’re not into lists and planning, you should probably stop reading now…


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