Ukulele Intro – Funolele II

My very first ukulele was a Tiger UKE 7 in purple. I called her Funolele because it gave my lots of joy and I use it mainly to play fun songs with. A couple of months ago Tiger Music approached me and sent me two ukuleles as review samples and giveaways. I was really excited because I still love my first ukulele that had from them and wanted to see if that was just because it was my first one.

So this is the UKE7-BL soprano ukulele and it is the same model as my very first ukulele but in blue. Top, back and sides are made of linden wood. Neck and headstock are made of mahogany and fingerboard and bridge are made of dark wood. But of course, there’s a pretty thick coat of paint, so you can’t really see the wood.

There was no funky smell when it came out of the box – that’s a big plus for me. The ukulele came with unidentified nylon strings – as you know, they are not my favorite, but the ones on this uke feel very soft and actually not that bad. The action at the nut and bridge is pretty good, so overally a good setup. The bridge however, is pretty rough, so depending on how you’re holding the ukulele this could be an issue.

The ukulele stays in tune seems to have some quality tuners on it – nothing fancy but it does what it’s supposed to. What I am missing are fret markers on the side of the neck, this of course is personal preference. The sound is very bright, however the G string has a slight buzzing sound at the bridge and I can’t quite grasp what’s causing it. This might go away with some new strings though.

If you have a smaller budget or are just starting out, this might be a good deal for you. The ukulele comes in many different colors and might also be a good gift for younger kids.

xoxo Nikky

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