Ukulele Intro – Ernstolele

Here’s another Ukulele Intro. Today featuring “Ernstolele”…

If you read my first intro post you probably saw, that I “upgraded” my first uke quite fast, after about playing for a month or so. My teacher suggested to get a tenor size (that sounded pretty intimidating back then) and I set myself a budget of €300,-.

At the music store I let the shop assistant play at least 15 ukuleles for me – I had a hard time deciding which one would be a good choice for me. I had only been playing for about 1,5 months and had absolutely no idea what I needed or would like. What I did know real quick was, that a tenor size was not for me (wayyyy too big). But concert felt right. I finally narrowed it down to two models – one with a satin finish and one with a glossy finish.

I am not sure how I made my final decision, but even now two years later, I think it was a fantastic choice. So here’s some pictures of “Ernstolele”.

It’s the Kala KA-SMHC, solid mahagony in concert size with a satin finish. It has a beautiful warm sound and I prefer to play it with Martin M600 fluorocarbon strings. Even though I am now the owner of many ukuleles, this one is still the one I play the most – I guess there’s a special connection between us, since it was my first “real” uke.

xoxo Nikky

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