“The Hippopotamus in your life” – Original Song

Here’s another original song. It’s called “The Hippopotamus in your life” and I can imagine that the title alone might cause some questions, so I want to give you a little backstory to the song.

As some of you might have seen, I have the picture of a stuffed toy hippopotamus tattooed on my left arm. There’s actually a “real life” stuffed animal model for that tattoo and her name is Gloria. She’s modelled after the hippo from the animated movies Madagascar and has been living with me and my husband for about 9,5 years by now. She joins us on our travels, we take pictures with her and for a brief time she even had her own twitter account where she shared food pictures and rated movies.

Here’s a picture of Gloria the Hippo from one of our journeys to Hawaii:IMG_0023.JPG

So, she’s been living with me and hubby for quite a while and I even have a tattoo of her, so you could say my attachment to that little stuffed animal is quite big. And I thought she deserved a song of her own. This song was actually quite easy to write (hubby helped a little) and is sooooo much fun to play.

Here’s a first version of it (played on my new Sopranissimo Ukulele tuned to D):


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xoxo Nikky


If you’re interested in the lyrics and chords, you can download them here.

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