Ukulele Intro – Waterman

Here’s another Ukulele Intro. Today featuring “Waterman”…

When I started my Instagram a year ago, I “only” had two ukuleles, but I had been looking at the Kala Waterman series for quite a while. Since it was winter I thought it might be a nice addition, to take some snow pictures outside, without ruining my wooden ukuleles.

So I bought the Kala Waterman Soprano (KA-SWG-BL), in the color Dark Aqua, that glows in the dark.

Now of course, the rest of the winter we didn’t have any snow in Vienna – so no pretty snow pictures for me. And well, the glow in the dark is really nice, and she does glow a lot, but it’s really hard to photograph and doesn’t look pretty at all on pictures.

As for the ukulele itself, it’s pretty nice for what it is. A plastic ukulele. The sound is alright and it’s playable, but it’s really not my favorite to play on. If you do want to take it into the water though, it’s a lot of fun (as you’ve maybe seen in some of my pictures).

Here’s some pretty pictures of “Waterman” – incl. the famous under water picture 😉

xoxo Nikky




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