Ukulele Intro – Traveller

Today I want to introduce you to my trusted travel companion – Traveller.

When I was at the Austrian Ukulele Festival last year I noticed that a lot of people had travel ukuleles. They have a thinner body and therefore need less space when travelling. I was intrigued, so of course I had to get one for myself 😉

I chose the Kala KA-SSTU-C. It’s the Kala travel ukulele in concert size (since this is my preferred ukulele size). When the ukulele arrived I was instantly in love with it. I’m not sure what it is, but we are a perfect match (just like with my other Kala uke) and it’s one of the ukuleles that I mainly play.

And of course it’s the one I usually travel with. Here are some pictures of our past shenanigans:


About half a year ago I also found the perfect strings for my beauty (at least that’s how I feel). I tried the D’Addario black nylon strings and they just sang to me – not sure what it is, but I am in love with the combination of these strings with this ukulele.

If you wonder about the stickers on the fretboard. I got them from here and I guess giving my uke that special touch is one of the reasons why I love traveller so much <3


xoxo Nikky

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