Being sick

Here’s another comic that the lovely Planet Prudence did after I told her a little story from my ukulele life:

So I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks now. It started out with a really sore throat, that turned into a really bad infection. Got antibiotics, it got better. Then 2 1/2 weeks later it came back with a vengeance. Got medication again and the sore throat is gone now. But now I am dealing with the worst cold I’ve had in years. There’s tons of other issues going on right now as well (lots mentally, but also physical like TOM, stiff neck,…). Don’t have a fever though so there’s always the question of: Going to work yay or nay?

I am lucky because I’m not self employed and could call in sick. But still, there’s tons of people relying on me and my work so I usually just stay at home if really necessary. Prudence is self employed so for her, it’s a matter of putting food on the table and paying rent, to work while being sick.

The funny thing about it is, that when I’m sick (and prudence feels the same) I try to push through. However, if someone else around me is sick, I don’t tolerate that mentality at all and always tell them to go home, take care of themselves until they feel better. I’m guessing that a lot of people are weird like that?

If you love Prudence work as much as I do, you can support her on Patreon.

xoxo Nikky

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