Travelling with Uke – Part 1 Car

As most of you have probably seen by now – I love bringing a ukulele with me on my trips (both private and business trips). So here’s a little overview on where we have travelled so far and the beautiful pictures we took:


This is probably the least exciting category, but sometimes uke and I travel by car. It’s really easy to bring a uke in your own car. Doesn’t need a lot of space and no need to worry about it getting destroyed. Just make sure to not leave your ukulele in the car too long during extreme high or low temperatures.

Grieskirchen/Upper Austria

Uke and I quite frequently visit my hometown in Upper Austria. It’s a two hour drive from Vienna and in the last 1,5 years I’ve made it a habit, to bring a ukulele. My parents always have interesting decorations that I like to use for pictures. Plus, my dad started playing guitar a little while ago, and it’s really nice to be able to play together.

Afiesl/Upper Austria

The summer of 2018 was really hot and beautiful. Hubby and I don’t take a lot of vacations together, so I planned a little getaway for his birthday and booked a weekend in a romantic hotel in Upper Austria.
As you maybe read here, hubby is the photographer in our relationship, so I really appreciate it, that he takes a lot of time, to take pictures with me and for me. That’s how I got lots of beautiful pictures done during our short trip.

Maria Wörth/Wörthersee/Carinthia

In late August 2018 hubby and I took a very spontanious trip to one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria. We could only stay for one night but since I knew how pretty it would be there, I brought uke with me. I’m really glad I did, because there were so many beautiful picture spots in and around our hotel.

Hirschenwies/Lower Austria

In Fall 2018 I spent a lovely weekend at a ukulele retreat in Lower Austria. Since we had workshops all day there wasn’t much time to take pictures. But it was a beautiful sunny fall day and it made my Leho Low G look super pretty.

Schrems/Lower Austria

In January 2019 I spent a weekend in a songwriting retreat in Schrems in Lower Austria. It was a given that I’d bring my uke since I needed it to write new songs. The scenery in this little town was so beautiful and there was a lot of snow. So I finally got to take snow pictures.

xoxo Nikky

PS: Blog post will be updated regularly – so come back to see more travel pictures and stories 🙂

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