Ukulele Intro – LowG

Here’s another Ukulele Intro. Today featuring “LowG”…

This is the story of the ukulele that wasn’t planned and found its way into my life anyway :). I won her at the raffle of the Vienna Ukulele Night. Of course I hoped to win a ukulele, this is why I bought raffle tickets in the first place. I never thought that I actually would win though. So this was a very nice surprise.

LowG is a Leho MLUC-XM-TS – this is short for Xtreme Mahagony Concert, Tahitian Sunset (I swear, I did not make that up, you can look it up here). Anyway, it’s a concert size (though feels a bit bigger), quite nice ukulele. It has an arched back, which makes for a really full sound.

I’ve been thinking about trying out lowG for a while, but didn’t want to “convert” my other ukuleles. But this one seemed perfect for it. So I put Aquila Reds with lowG on it. It’s a very cool sound, though even after half a year I’m still not convinced if it’s “my” sound (sounds a bit too guitarry for me).

Here are some pretty pictures of her (though I have to admit, that I’m having a hard time taking good pictures with her, not sure why):

xoxo Nikky

2 thoughts on “Ukulele Intro – LowG

  1. I think you might be right about low G being a bit more guitar-like. I have the same feeling about baritone (and some tenor) ukes. Each to his own, I say, and the typical ‘uke’ sound is that you usually get from a soprano or some concerts, and that’s where I sit. Still, you might find it useful for the occasional song (not every song works well on a soprano uke), or for trying out new things, or accompanying a guitarist.

    1. exactly my thoughts – there are songs where it sounds great to use lowG, but in general I’m just not a huge fan

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