Ukulele Intro – Ooh

Say hello to my Sopranissimo “Ooh”.

I first saw this little cutie on the Ohana Instagram page over a year ago when they first presented the new colors at NAMM. I fell in love instantly, but it took about another half year until they were available to buy. Then I tried to buy one, but Ohana ukuleles are very hard to get here in Europe and with shipping and customs it would’ve cost me a fortune, so I let it go.

Since I have the best husband in the world, I found little Ooh as my birthday gift a couple of months later <3. And let me tell you – I was so in love with both of them that day (and still am).

Ooh is an Ohana O’Nina Willow Sopranissimo, tuned in D and one of the cutest things you’ll ever see in your life. Just looking at her makes me happy and playing is so much more fun (once you figure out how to hold that tiny thing).

Here are some pretty pictures:

Now if you’re wondering about the weird name Ooh, there’s a story to that:

After high school I spent a year in the USA as an Au-Pair. I used to watch children’s programme with one of the kids and there was a very short show with two monkeys. They had this intro song where they sang:

“He’s Aah, he’s Ooh,

he’s red, he’s blue,

and we’re here to play with you.”

I don’t know why, but this song was stuck in my head (and still is) but I couldn’t remember the name of the show or which channel it was on. Since the song was stuck in my head I sang it to my then boyfriend (now husband) once and he didn’t believe me that this was actually a TV show. He thought I just made it up and for years we couldn’t find any proof of it on the internet as well.

We did finally find it – the show was called Ooh, Ahh and You and you can listen to the intro song here. (I am not crazy and I did not make it up). This is the reason the ukulele is called Ooh (and I still hope to own Aah one day 😉 ).

xoxo Nikky




2 thoughts on “Ukulele Intro – Ooh

  1. That’s a fun uke! Have you got anything that you’ve photographed it with to show the actual small size as you can’t tell it’s not an ordinary soprano from those? 🙂

    1. There’s some more pictures on my Instagram that you can check out. But there’ll be more pictures in the future (still a very recent item in my collection, so there’s not as many pictures yet)

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