Ukulele Intro – Ampy

Today’s ukulele intro is about my latest addition “Ampy”.

Ampy found it’s way into my life in late January. I was looking for an electro acoustic ukulele because I intend to be brave in the future and play some open mics and smaller gigs (but this is probably a story for another time).

I feel like music stores don’t carry a lot of electro acoustics around here, so I was worried if I’d find something I would actually like. But, turns out that love at first sight does exist. When I held the Flight Victoria CEQ Concert Ukulele in my hands the very first time, it just felt right.

I didn’t want to make any rash decisions though, so I didn’t buy it that day. I did however ask the lovely people from Flight Music, if they would borrow me one for some months, so I could try it out and see if I actually did like it. They were very kind and I was able to try it out for two months and what can I say. My love for that ukulele grew every time I played it, so last week I finally decided that I want to keep it.

It has this beautiful cutaway and armrest – both not just pleasing for the eye but also nice for playing. It came with fluorocarbon strings and thanks to Musikhaus Prosound (where I picked it up), it also came with a very good setup – really happy about that.

I don’t have much experience yet with amplifying. I did buy an amp and also a mic, so this is something I’m currently working on. Will write about it soon, so stay tuned.

I also haven’t done many pictures with her yet since she hasn’t been around that long. But I’m sure there’ll be plenty to come:

xoxo Nikky

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