Ukulele Intro – AOJIM

I got this ukulele as a review sample and didn’t expect much from it. I was very suprised at the quality. It came carefully packaged with a soft gig bag and lots of accessories and was shipped very quickly.

It is my first Tenor size ukulele – seems really big for my taste, so I’m not sure if I’ll keep it or do a giveaway with it 😉

The ukulele has a sapele wood body. It does have a strong smell of glue (which I’m guessing will fade over time). Bridge and fretboard are made of blackwood. The frets are very well aligned and have no sharp ends, which is always a plus. I’m missing fret board markers on the side of the neck though. The action at the nut is very well set up. The action towards the bridge is a bit too high for my taste, but that’s something that can be adjusted quite easy (but might be difficult for a beginner).

The ukulele already has two strap buttons installed and comes with a strap. For someone who is usually playing with a strap, this is a really nice feature. The slitted headstock seems slightly too heavy but still works on the tenor size. Not sure if this is an issue on the concert size. One of the tuning pegs is a bit loose. Again, something that can be adjusted quite quickly, but might be bothersome for a beginner.

It has a very subdued and mellow sound and comes with nylon strings (and an extra set of strings) – not my personal favorite. I would change them to a set of fluorocarbon strings (or try something else) There’s a chromatic tuner in the package (incl. battery) – a nice feature for a beginner package. Two picks, a finger shaker and a microfiber cloth are also part of the package. It also comes with a capo – however, it’s a guitar capo. It works, but it’s a bit too oversized for a ukulele and will probably get in the way when playing.

The package also includes a little starter book. Unfortunately it is very poorly translated to English with lots of mistakes and sentences that don’t make any sense. Luckily, you can find almost anything you need to start playing online, so the booklet is probably not something you need.

All in all this is a very well made ukulele that comes with everything you need to start playing and offers a good value for your money.

xoxo Nikky

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