While I was in Oslo I met up with the lovely Idatherese. She was one of my very first followers on Instagram and the love for Amanda Palmer and Ukulele brought us together. So when she found out that I was gonna be in Oslo, she suggested to do some songs together.

We decided to meet up on Sunday, my last day in Oslo. But she surprised me by showing up to my performance at Oslo Ukulele Festival. Even though Oslo Pride was going on, she got herself on the metro to see me play. It felt so special that there was someone in the audience who came to just see me and it made me feel like a complete superstar. So thank you very much Ida, I don’t even know what to say, because this act of kindness still leaves me speechless.

So now you know, that Ida is a very special person and it was so much fun to hang out with her. Not only because it was interesting to get a peek behind the scenes in her apartment, but also because she’s got such a variety of fun instruments around, that made me want to live with her and explore everything.

If you’re interested in Idatherese you can check her out on Instagram and listen to amazing original songs and covers on youtube. She’ll also release her first album this fall, so be sure to give it a listen.

We decided about a week ahead of our meeting two songs that we wanted to try. It took us a bit of practice but I think for the short amount of time that we had, we did really great. Ida even challenged me to do some harmonies – if they are fucked up it’s definitely my fault because I’m really not used to sing and play with anyone else but myself 😉

The first song we did is “My Moon My Man” by Feist:

The second song we did is “Sing” by Amanda Palmer. I hadn’t thought about this song in a while, but now I’m in love with it again and want to make it a regular for my set.

Thank you Ida for this lovely morning and your awesome support at the festival. I’m looking forward to meet up again for some more ukulele shenanigans.

xoxo Nikky

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