Sängerschmiede Part 9 – We’re almost there

Okay, so this is gonna be a short one. Last time I told you, that the next steps in my singing class journey would be recording and video shoot. So here’s a little update for that.


I’ve never recorded in a studio before. I really want to do my first album soon, but so far I had no experience, so this was the really scary and exciting part. I had two sessions with head coach Dominik booked, I tried to be as prepared as possible, but there was still a lot of uncertainty.

The first session was all about getting the main voice done. I was actually surprised how good it felt and how well I did. We did some takes for the whole song and then focused on special parts to get them just right. There was definitely lots of (sexy) whispering but also some really strong attitudes involved.

I am so glad that the studio they have is concealed in a little garden shed – that is inside a normal room. That way I could let go but kinda be by myself as well. Downside though – it was so hot in there, that after 1,5 hours I was completely drenched in sweat 😉 (but at least happy).

Second session was all about doing overdubs (to get in the groove) and getting all the improvisation parts just right. I was working on those parts like mad the days before. It’s something really new to me and it was quite difficult. But I did it and it turned out good. And since we were in the groove and it worked out alright we even recorded a small part with three harmonies. It sounds so awesome, I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Video Shoot

To shoot the video I got a rough mix of my recording. I booked a photo studio in Vienna and hubby volunteered as my camera man <3

I am all about being prepared, so I had a very intricate storyboard with each individual scene drawn up. The goal was to have three different settings within the studio to get some variety and to shoot in three different outfits in every setting. So I had to get changed nine times within our shooting time of four hours and again, it was so hot that you can see some sweat dripping down in a couple of scenes.

I am really happy that I had hubby there as my camera man. He knows how to put me in the best light. He is patient with me and I feel very comfortable around him (and I think it shows in the final video).

And since you’re probably curious, here are some little snippets. Hopefully it won’t spoiler everything.


Last step is of course editing. I chose to do that myself as well as I am a bit familiar with Adobe Premiere so I felt comfortable in doing it. Not sure why, but I really thought that editing would take up most of the time in this whole process. But with great video (and not too many takes to choose from) and a good storyboard, it was actually easy to get it done in a short amount of time (like less than three hours). And I am so happy with how it turned out.


So, the video will premiere during final singing class in a live stream. After that I’ll share it with all of you lovelies here on my blog. So stay tuned for mid September.

xoxo Nikky

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