Sängerschmiede Part 10 – Video Premiere

Okay, so here’s the grand finale that everyone was waiting for. I don’t even want to say anything more, here’s the music video for my final song for singing class “Sängerschmiede”. Thanks for following my journey (so far) and I hope you enjoy it: xoxo Nikky If you missed any part of this series, youContinue reading “Sängerschmiede Part 10 – Video Premiere”

Sängerschmiede Part 8 – Choices

If you followed my journey in the last couple of months you know that it was a rocky one. But my singing class is almost over and we’re headed to the grand finale. This usually means a live concert, but since no one really knows how Covid measures will unfold in the next time, theContinue reading “Sängerschmiede Part 8 – Choices”

Sängerschmiede Part 7 – I can breathe Again

Last month was the breather that I needed. I am so proud of the song that I wrote. And I am proud of how I trusted myself and my instincts to just let the song be what it wants to be and let myself be who I really am. I finally found some joy andContinue reading “Sängerschmiede Part 7 – I can breathe Again”

Sängerschmiede Part 6 – “Kann I sein”

After presenting my song at singing class last month, I was really bummed. I took a huge step outside my comfort zone, tried lots of new things and put myself out there. But I guess somehow it didn’t translate into the video, or wasn’t perceived like that by everyone and one of the feedbacks thatContinue reading “Sängerschmiede Part 6 – “Kann I sein””

Sängerschmiede Part 5 – We’re playing the “Snatch Game”

I guess the title might need some further explanation. I’m a huge “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fan. I’ve watched every season (at least twice) and there’s a special highlight episode that every fan is usually waiting for. It’s when they are playing the “Snatch Game”. The rules are simple – the contestants have to impersonate aContinue reading “Sängerschmiede Part 5 – We’re playing the “Snatch Game””

Sängerschmiede Part 4 – I’m just not there (yet)

A new month and a new opportunity to… Yeah? What exactly? This month of singing class started out pretty confusing and unsure for me. Once again, I thought I missed the mark with my last song. At least the one I set for myself. But it also feels like I’m starting to let down aContinue reading “Sängerschmiede Part 4 – I’m just not there (yet)”

Sängerschmiede Part 3 – Singing without Fear!?

I started this month of singing class with the feeling of defeat. I had worked so hard and was actually proud of what I had achieved, but then it seemed that I handed in something a bit off-topic for the last assignment. This of course was mainly how my brain perceived it and not basedContinue reading “Sängerschmiede Part 3 – Singing without Fear!?”

Sängerschmiede Part 2 – Let it Go

Another month of “Sängerschmiede” is over and it’s time to let you in on what happened. At the end of the last group coaching, everyone got assigned a new homework song. When I heard the song I initally felt scared, but that feeling was quickly replaced by excitement? joy? I don’t even know, as itContinue reading “Sängerschmiede Part 2 – Let it Go”

Sängerschmiede Part 1 – A new journey

Most of you know, that I’ve been taking vocal coaching for a bit over two years now. It helped me lots to work on my voice and develop a better stage presence. During that time I also noticed, that singing (my own songs) is actually what I want to do and the ukulele is myContinue reading “Sängerschmiede Part 1 – A new journey”