Ukulele Intro – Funolele II

My very first ukulele was a Tiger UKE 7 in purple. I called her Funolele because it gave my lots of joy and I use it mainly to play fun songs with. A couple of months ago Tiger Music approached me and sent me two ukuleles as review samples and giveaways. I was really excited because I still love my first ukulele that had from them and wanted to see if that was just because it was my first one.

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Excitement Anxiety

Do you know the feeling you get, when you have something amazing coming up, but somehow you’re sure that something awful will happen? Well I do. It’s a feeling that comes up quite regularly. Everytime I’m super excited about something, I am absolutely sure, that either I or some cosmic energy will fuck it up.

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In my Head and On Stage @TWUF

Most of you read by now, that I was not too happy about my performance at The Tropical Winter Ukulele Festival (TWUF) and I want to take the time to do a little recap and get you some context to my feelings.

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The Road to Finland

As you’ve probably seen by now either on Instagram or Facebook, I’ll be playing and giving a workshop at the Tropical Winter Ukulele Festival (TWUF) in Finland. It seems as if the Scandinavian countries are much more interested in my music than anyone else. I don’t know why, but I love it, because every time I visited one of the countries up north, I had a really great time. Pretty landscapes and lovely people – it’s just a perfect combination.

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My plans for 2020

The new year is still very young but I already have tons of plans and I want to share some of them with you, But first a little back story, to better understand my future plans. I started my ukulele journey about 3,5 years ago. Then about 2 years ago I ventured on Instagram and I am still very happy about all the support I get there. 2018 was all about getting the basics of the ukulele down. I focused a lot on learning all kinds of songs, playing and practicing regularly.

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Giveaway: Tiger Soprano Ukulele


It’s Christmas and time for a final giveaway this year. This time I’ve teamed up with Tiger Music and you can win this beautiful Tiger UKE 14 Soprano Ukulele. It’s a perfect starter ukulele, but even if you’ve been playing for a while you’ll be very happy with it.

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