2nd Austrian Ukulele Festival

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“You’re enough” – Original Song

This summer I started writing my own songs. This is something that was very intimidating to me, but also something that I kinda wanted to do for a very long time. There’s lots of topics inside of me that are just waiting to come out and be dealt with and writing songs about them seems like a good choice to get it out of my system.

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Fighting the fraud police during my Ukulele Retreat

Last weekend I spent two days in a remote but very lovely little village in Lower Austria for a ukulele workshop weekend.

Elisabeth Pfeiffer was our host and teacher (if you don’t know her I strongly suggest you check her out). I already attended most of her workshops at least once. It’s always nice to hear them again though, not just because she switches up the way she teaches things, but also to make sure that my brain hears certain things again and again and finally starts remembering it. The workshops ranged from basics to finger picking and power chords with a strong focus on Blues.

Fighting the Fraud Police

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The broken Ukulele

A couple of months ago I found Planet Prudence on Instagram. She’s an amazing artist and her work captures so much of who I am, that I wanted so support her. Luckily she is on Patreon and I was lucky enough to snatch one of her tiers, where she’s doing a monthly comic with her supporter in it.

Since I am so in love with our collaborations I wanted to share them with all of you.

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nikky.and.the.ukulele – two years in the making

As some of you might have seen on my Instagram, this week I celebrated my two year ukulele-anniversary (or ukeversary). But that’s not entirely true. I bought my first ukulele about 3,5 years ago. It’s the purpleish Tiger soprano ukulele, that I still sometimes feature in my pictures (don’t really play it much these days). I bought it cause I really wanted to learn how to play but for 1,5 years I was too scared to do so.

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