The pressure to improve…

I’ll start with something honest and raw: I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated with my progress, with the feedback I get, with how my Instagram is dying down because I’m not producing good enough content,… But mostly I’m frustrated with myself and how I try to please everyone else and not look after myself.

Fighting the fraud police during my Ukulele Retreat

Last weekend I spent two days in a remote but very lovely little village in Lower Austria for a ukulele workshop weekend. Elisabeth Pfeiffer was our host and teacher (if you don’t know her I strongly suggest you check her out). I already attended most of her workshops at least once. It’s always nice toContinue reading “Fighting the fraud police during my Ukulele Retreat”

nikky.and.the.ukulele – two years in the making

As some of you might have seen on my Instagram, this week I celebrated my two year ukulele-anniversary (or ukeversary). But that’s not entirely true. I bought my first ukulele about 3,5 years ago. It’s the purpleish Tiger soprano ukulele, that I still sometimes feature in my pictures (don’t really play it much these days).Continue reading “nikky.and.the.ukulele – two years in the making”