“Work in Progress” – Original Song

“Work in progress” was inspired by a conversation I had with my ukulele teacher. We sometimes get lost in conversations about random stuff (I promise, we do actually work on my ukuele skills as well – even if it doesn’t always show).

“Monkey, Monkey, Elephant” – Original Song

Does your mind sometimes wander off and you can’t concentrate on your current task? Do you start with writing an important report and you end up thinking about monkey, monkey, elephant? Well, it does sometimes happen to me and there is this crazy scene from Gilmore Girls that inspired me for this song:

“Fighting the Fraud Police” – Original Song

I introduced you to the fraud police in my blog post about my ukulele retreat last September. And back then I made a note, that “Fighting the Fraud Police” might be a good song inspiration and it was. I’ve had parts of the chorus for months now, and after my songwriting retreat this January IContinue reading ““Fighting the Fraud Police” – Original Song”

Trying to tear down a wall during my songwriting retreat

I had a great start into the new year and spent the first weekend of 2019 at a songwriting retreat in the beautiful Waldviertel in Lower Austria. As you all know, I started to write my own songs a couple of months ago and I soon felt the need to get more insight, find outContinue reading “Trying to tear down a wall during my songwriting retreat”